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We have built the most comprehensive Wholesale Program that can help your Amazon Wholesale Business grow to a life changing career where you can earn up to 6 to 8 figures in revenue yearly.

At Wholesale Academy we have not only transformed amateurs to Wholesale Professionals. What you get within the course are not theory, everything you will learn is what we apply within our business on the day to day of operating our stores & management services. 

What you will learn is Real Life Lessons and the examples for setting the foundations of a profitable Amazon Wholesale Business. We focus on proven strategies and content you can implement to your business IMMEDIATELY!

Here’s the wonderful news regarding our course, we are continually evolving and creating new content. What we currently have right now will grow into more than just series. We are also creating a group of sellers that can share their knowledge among aspiring professional Wholesale Sellers and more.

✓ 50 + Video Content

✓ Supplier Email Templates - Scripts - Sourcing Data Prior to Initiating any negotiations

✓ Live Group Coaching Calls - Private Group To Talk to Me Directly
✓ Business Workflows, CRM, Checklist



We will set a solid foundation for your business by going over the basics. By the end of this module you will have an in depth knowledge over the business model, how to navigate within Amazon Seller Central - Marketplace & have your business foundations properly set. 



This is perhaps the most important part of the business where you will learn where to source profitable suppliers, the criteria prior to engaging with the supply chain, how to open accounts, how to communicate with suppliers whether you are communicating via email, phone, or directly in person, use our processes to overcome objection and land extremely profitable supplier accounts.

From our personal experience as we were learning the ropes, we made a lot of mistakes that cost our company time, headache, frustration, and income. These lessons will help serve you by eliminating those mistakes and have you start your career in the right direction. 

Making The Right Purchasing Decisions


In this Module I’m going to share all my secrets on finding profitable & replenishable products. But most importantly understanding the risk involved when making a purchase decision. It’s one thing to know the products are profitable, it’s another where you can get suspended for going against marketplace regulations or agreements.  I will dive deep in the product research process, what to look out for in detail, how I assess for risk per product or brand I personally work with, etc & how to negotiate discounts and close some profitable deals.



As a Wholesale Seller on Amazon, we’re constantly responsible for handling thousands of physical products. You will need to understand what happens after you’ve placed an order from your authorized supply chain on creating a shipping plan to your prep center, to your warehouse, and directly to your Amazon Seller Account. You will also need to know how to properly label your packages and everything in between.

Managing Your Inventory


This is a vital component to your business because this is where you will see the health and effectiveness of your operation. You will learn how to manage your products on Amazon, understand when and how to reorder inventory, manage your accounting using third party accounting software, and use the information we have provided you to ensure you continue to make decisive decisions that will ensure a profitable FBA Wholesale business.

Seller Account Health


In this Module we will teach you how to maintain your Amazon account health. As the rules change, the algorithm adapts we will update this section so we can continue to have an amazing account health. What is most important in this section is to avoid specific suspensions, how to deal with a high risk situation like an IP complaint, how to reinstate your seller account during a Suspension, and or using services like Got Suspended? To help prevent suspensions or help with your reinstatement process. Keep your account in tip top condition so you can continue on growing. 

Scaling Your Business - Graduation


The most important sections was covered and you've implemented the strategies we’ve provided to you and you’re finally making a career as an Amazon Seller. Congratulations you have graduated from our program but we want to provide you with more information prior to you venturing off on your career. This module will help tackle you growing your Amazon business.
When you have completed this module let me advice you that this is still just the start of your career. Is my recommendation that you visit our other courses to learn specific parts of the business in greater detail. Certain skillsets are harder to learn and teach, however your career will exponentially grow if you take the time to learn other aspects of the business. The doors on building brands or having exclusive relationships is where multimillionaires are created.