• Who is Jerome Basilio?

    Jerome Basilio is an e-commerce coach, an internet marketer, and investor residing in Irvine California.  Prior to his rise in the dropshipping and internet marketing, Jerome at 15 years of age lived a humble beginning who learned how to sell on eBay from his father as a distributor for many companies such as Framus Amplification and Guitars, Module Bass guitars, Ampeg Amplification, TC Electronics just to name a few. His company Brabantpark Music outlet became well known in the music forums for his collection of rare, limited edition guitars & a guitarist rig (musical instruments and studio equipment) that professional & rockstars would die for. Their family developed several companies and among those were catered to special niches such as collecting rare, limited, and graded NGC / PCGS coins.  As he became older his passion for collecting collectibles and started losing passion for these niches, so he decided to venture into other industries.

    Jerome through all his development continued to pursue martial arts and his drive for competition was cultivated and refined in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu & Judo. This is where he was introduced and expanded his network with famous MMA fighters, celebrities, and many other internet marketers/business men. He has trained religiously completed worldwide and has acquired many titles under various organizations, national and world titles in various martial arts. His start of his internet marketing career started when he worked with Eddie Bravo (Well known unorthodox BJJ Black Belt) on his school 10th Planet JJ. Jerome took it upon himself to help with their social media marketing & branding the 10th Planet system during it’s infancy stages into it’s martial art school giant that is today. In 2007  Jerome appeared in the Mastering the 10th Planet Twister System as an uke(partner in showing techniques), was on the front page of several publications among them are Fighter Magazine and continued to appear for several months. Jerome was notably recognized for his unorthodox jiu jitsu techniques, strategies on youtube, and contributions to the 10th Planet system which can be seen in competition by many other grappler's as the new norm. . Jerome has continued to train under other world champions in Greco Wrestling, Judo, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and the list of the competitors he’s trained with are recognized as among the professionals, many are or were ranked within the top 10 of their art.

    Jerome has represented his mentors’ and has taught all over the world and all over United States enjoying the freedom of internet marketing. Most of Jerome’s business network was acquired during his training in Brazilian jiu jitsu where he would meet Joe Rogan, Jeffrey Morgan, Sean Patrick Flannery, and many other successful influencers. Jerome has worked, and consulted for several multimillion dollar businesses on marketing, and through his ingenuity helped simplify their business processes & developed their online systems.

    Late 2016 Jerome was formerly introduced into drop shipping from one of his former training partner. Using the same methods taught within within his curriculum & with major adjustments / refinements through trial and errors Jerome grew his e-commerce businesses into producing 320k monthly sales on Amazon & eBay. As Jerome’s success in e-commerce grew so does his passion for helping other aspiring entrepreneurs. Jerome has previously partnered up with Hitesh Juneja, Nathan Van Tuyl, Kirt Patel, Dion Jaffe, & some of the world’s best drop shippers, & e-commerce software developers in Real Mentors in pursuit of creating successful e-commerce entrepreneurs, internet marketers, investors, etc.

  • What are you offering within your courses?

    Jerome has summarized and condensed everything he’s learned from his mentors into programs/courses where you are guided step by step into helping the average individual make an extra income online. He’s working with some of the best within their perspective niches and has created “shortcuts” from each of their arts. His program is an alternative to traditional business school, e-commerce, and marketing training which combines the best of self-learning with minimal downsides of burdensome cost and inefficient methods. He has learned from his mentors and compiled them into a series of “mentor shortcuts.”

  • What is the Mastermind subscription?

    Jerome offers members involved with his E-Commerce Amazon Mastery / eBay Mastery / Dropshipping Brand Mastery program the opportunity to take it a step further, by utilizing his VIP Live Calls. Calls are held every other Friday - Sunday at 12 PM - 10 PM PST. Along with the VIP Calls you also receive access to Mastermind Vault, which are every previously recorded talk in case you are unable to participate live. The calls usually last a few hours. Jerome goes over all aspects of improving your business through accounting, outsourcing, improving your learning curve in mastering different wealth & self development which will overall will make you mentally efficient and effective in whatever you’re doing for your business. The Mastermind Vault calls are essentially hacks in helping you optimize your business whether it’s within your e-commerce business, investing in crypto, other assets such as adding systems which will make you and your company an efficient income producing machine.

    Aside from that, Jerome takes the time to answer the member's questions - laying out strategies for you to improve your effectiveness within their particular situation that other's may not be seeing. The members within this program will also see what other's are facing within their business so you can avoid their mistakes or learn from their situation. The Mastermind Vault is similar to inviting Jerome to an event or taking many seminars all condensed into one platform and that's not all content will be continued to be added every month to provide all members as much value as possible with only a subscription of $99.99 per month.

  • How do I gain access to the Facebook group?

    Our Facebook group is only accessible when you are part of our course.

  • Can I become an affiliate of your program?

    Our affiliate’s program is only exclusive for our paid members. Once enrolled all members are given the opportunity to share their experience with others.

  • How do I cancel my subscription?

    By using the FAQ page, you will only be able to cancel the mastermind monthly subscription, NOT our other courses. Please be aware that you will need to log in to your online account to put this into effect. Please refer to our Terms of Use page for more information regarding our cancellation/refund policy